15 February 2016

About Suzanne van Kaam

Always building bridges

After graduating in 2008, at the height of the credit crunch, it was clear that I would not be able to apply my acquired skills (obtained during my Master of Arts in Theater Studies) in the cultural sector. I started my career as Personal Assistant at a research institute, where I also served as Project Administrator. Stakeholder management was a key factor in my day-to-day role. Furthermore, I became responsible for Event Management and later joined the communication team. After a few years I was eager for a new challenge, away from non-profit. I decided to shift gears, emigrate from Holland to Australia and wound up at a Sydney start-up: MadPaws.

Starting off as Content Manager, within a few months I was promoted and made responsible for sales. In the following three months our company had a 50% month-on-month growth and we secured 1.1 million AUD in funding. Unfortunately, my working holiday visa expired the next week… I decided to travel New Zealand and Australia and started as a self employed content manager. It was time to start building my own bridges!

Through Triple C Serivices, I will help you run your business more efficiently: developing content that adds value to your audience and growing your reputation as trusted brand/company/partner.

Most of my clients are experts in their fields, but not necessary good with words. I help showcase their products and services in a clear, digestible way that is suitable for B2C markets. From process descriptions (either for customer service or other departments) to email marketing and setting up your company intranet – let me help you find solutions to match your needs!

PS Did you know I’m also available as Project Manager Digital Marketing? When I’m not creating content strategies and writing copy, you’ll find me building bridges between project teams and various stakeholders. I thrive when I can create calm in chaos and when I can use my interpersonal skills to build trust and understanding. As a person who’s all about open communication, I like to celebrate project and team wins as much as personal wins, but I don’t shy away from difficult conversations – if needed. I believe that if there’s a strong foundation, project management is a delicate dance of giving and taking. Have a look at some of my previous work!

– Suzanne van Kaam
Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) registration number: 65277538.

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