18 June 2019

Curious about me?

Or were you hunting for Easter Eggs?

I get it, reading résumés can be tedious. But in order to give you a good insight in who I am – I think I should show you I actually enjoy the intersection between creativity and tech. I’ve added some more insights into my work below.

Suzanne van Kaam


I am a proactive problem solver and bridge builder with highly developed communication skills and good analytical and numeral skills. I thrive in a role where I can allow creatives and specialists to be the best version of themselves, thereby elevating the project to the highest possible level. Projects that combine IT with creativity are my favorite: I understand the different approach between the two and have learned to speak both ‘colorful creative geek’ and ‘binary IT nerd’ languages.

I have strong time management skills and enjoy working with tight deadlines. I am a ‘hands on’ type of person with a lot of stakeholder management experience, on various levels. I have a curious mind and a very broad spectrum of interests: from arts to animals, and from sports to science. You’ll find me to be ambitious, eager to learn, internationally orientated, flexible and social – both independent and a team player. I easily adapt to new situations, languages and software.

Language skills: Dutch (native), English (fluent, also in a business environment), German (moderate).

Some examples of my previous projects

(chronologically in reverse, because organizing information is ‘my thing’)
  • increasing authority for an automotive company through an outreach campaign involving three influencers. Results included +70,4% more impressions than benchmarked, +24% trust score, +2,9% for page authority, +16,5% in organic traffic and a bounce rate of 13,3% (site average was approximately 50%).
  • simultaneously project managing 6 websites for a client of ours, overseeing GDPR-compliancy and the creation of new (landing)pages. For this project I worked with several stakeholders: our clients (including their management team and internal organization, including IT), the web developer, the hosting party, creatives and our own team of digital marketeers.
  • whilst being self-employed, one of my clients was an eCommerce-company based in Australia; trading from the USA to the North-American market. Their dev-team was based in Asia. Being (mostly) based in The Netherlands myself, I was used to working in various time zones and respecting cultural differences. I managed their Shopify-website, their Amazon seller pages (through Amazon Seller Central) and their social accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • over the past 10 years I’ve created several basic WordPress-websites and managed more complex websites. I’ve worked closely with developers and hosting parties in various projects.
  • while working as Customer Success & Community Manager at Mad Paws, I was the hub between customers, our Product Manager and our CEO. Based on customer feedback, I briefed the Product Manager so he could enhance the operational elements of the platform, as well as develop and release our app. Within months of my promotion we raised AU$ 1.1 million in an oversubscribed funding round, after establishing a month-on-month growth of 50%. (I was directly responsible for sales, because of my immediate connection to our community of users.)
  • Alfalab was a collaborative project from several humanities institutes, aiming to explore the future of eHumanities/Digital Humanities. An international symposium rounded off the project, by demonstrating the tools and presenting their influences on digital research practice. Creating creative IT-solutions was the norm; from a giant 3D-puzzel to VR and interactive websites . Our day to day conversation language was English, due to the international background of the project team.
  • while studying for my theatre degree, I worked on international theatre projects without set scripts. These required the whole team – which I managed – to be quick on their feet. I tracked progress, changes and made sure we stayed on schedule and within budget margins. Keeping track of project requirements while allowing for creative flexibility was a challenge, but a fun one!

Disclaimer: this page has been coded by cappuccino. One sugar, hold the cocoa powder.

PS Yes, this is a very basic and non-creative website. It has hardly been used since I stopped being self-employed.
I don’t aspire to be a web dev or creative dev, I’m a project manager that likes WordPress and thinking out of the box.